ArangoDB cluster

    Datacenter to datacenter replication requires the storage engine. Theexample setup described in this section will have rocksdb enabled. If you chooseto deploy with a different strategy keep in mind to set the storage engine.

    For other possibilities to deploy an ArangoDB cluster see.

    The Starter simplifies things for the operator and will coordinate a distributedcluster startup across several machines and assign cluster roles automatically.

    When started on several machines and enough machines have joined, the Starters_will start _Agents, Coordinators and DBservers on these machines.

    To start the cluster using a systemd unit file use the following:

    Note that we set in the unit service file.

    The communication between the cluster nodes use a token (JWT) to authenticate.This must be shared between cluster nodes.

    Sharing secrets is obviously a very delicate topic. The above workflow assumesthat the operator will put a secret in a file named ${CLUSTERSECRETPATH}.

    As soon as enough machines have joined, the Starter will begin starting Agents,Coordinators and DBservers.

    Each of these tasks needs a port to communicate. Please make sure that the followingports are available on all machines:

    • 8530 for DB-Servers

    The Starter itself will use port .

    Since the Agents are so critical to the availability of both the ArangoDB and the ArangoSync cluster,it is recommended to run Agents on dedicated machines. Consider these machines “pets”.