Foxx service context


    The service context specifies the following properties:

    • argv: any

    Any arguments passed in if the current file was executed as a.

    • basePath: string

    The file system path of the service, i.e. the folder in which the servicewas installed to by ArangoDB.

    The base URL of the service, relative to the ArangoDB server,e.g. /_db/_system/my-foxx.

    • collectionPrefix: string

    The prefix that will be used by collection and collectionName to derivethe names of service-specific collections. This is derived from theservice’s mount point, e.g. /my-foxx becomes my_foxx.

    • configuration: Object

    Configuration options for the service.

    • dependencies: Object

    Configured for the service.

    • isDevelopment: boolean

    Indicates whether the service is running in development mode.

    • isProduction: boolean

    The inverse of isDevelopment.

    • manifest: Object

    The parsed of the service.

    • mount:

    The mount point of the service, e.g. /my-foxx.

    module.context.apiDocumentation([options]): Function


    Creates a request handler that serves the API documentation.

    Note: This method has been deprecated in ArangoDB 3.1 and replaced withthe more straightforward createDocumentationRouter method providing thesame functionality.


    See createDocumentationRouter below.



    module.context.createDocumentationRouter([options]): Router

    Note: The router can be mounted like any other child router(see examples below).


    • options: Object (optional)

    An object with any of the following properties:

    • mount: string (Default: module.context.mount)

    The mount path of the service to serve the documentation of.

    File name of the HTML file serving the API documentation.

    • swaggerRoot: string (optional)

    Full path of the folder containing the Swagger assets and the indexFile.Defaults to the Swagger assets used by the web interface.

    • before: Function (optional)

    A function that will be executed before a request is handled.

    If the function returns false the request will not be processed any further.

    If the function returns an object, its attributes will be used to overridethe options for the current request.

    Any other return value will be ignored.

    If options is a function it will be used as the before option.

    If options is a string it will be used as the swaggerRoot option.

    Returns a Foxx router.


    Passes the given name to collectionName, then looks up the collection withthe prefixed name.


    • name: string

    Unprefixed name of the service-specific collection.

    Returns a collection or null if no collection with the prefixed name exists.


    module.context.collectionName(name): string


    • name: string

    Unprefixed name of the service-specific collection.

    Returns the prefixed name.


    module.context.file(name, [encoding]): Buffer | string

    Passes the given name to fileName, then loads the file with the resulting name.


    • name: string

    Name of the file to load, relative to the current service.

    • encoding: string (optional)

    Encoding of the file, e.g. utf-8. If omitted the file will be loaded as araw buffer instead of a string.

    Returns the file’s contents.


    module.context.fileName(name): string

    Resolves the given file name relative to the current service.


    • name: string

    Name of the file, relative to the current service.

    Returns the absolute file path.

    module.context.use([path], router): Endpoint

    Mounts a given router on the service to expose the router’s routes on theservice’s mount point.


    • path: string (Default: "/")

    Path to mount the router at, relative to the service’s mount point.

    • router:

    A router or middleware to mount.

    Note: Mounting services at run time (e.g. within request handlers orqueued jobs) is not supported.